A major reason Dolphin’¢s consultants, designers and programmers add such great value to our clients’ marketing, sales, investor and internal communications is our time proven, interactive process that results in communication at a higher level.


Identify the problem that the customer / potential customer faces – in their language.
Quantify the impact of the problem on their department / company / life.
Specify the need the customer has in order to solve the problem [while this should be a problem your business can solve, it should NOT be a mirror image of the solution.]
Propose your solution, again using the customer’s words. This can include a solution overview and three to four detailed slides, more if the solution has more parts.
Quantify the benefits the customer will receive if they implement your solution.
Sell your competitive advantage – what you provide that no one else can do.
Substantiate your claims and your credentials – this is best done through third-party verification; e.g. testimonials, customer / analyst quotes; independent studies, case studies.

This is a ‘scripted’ way to keep the conversation going: Do we conduct a review and come back with results? Schedule a demo? Engage others in the conversation, etc.


Explain the company mission, objective, value proposition.
What problem do you solve for your customers / potential customers [even if they may not recognize it] or what is the market need?
Overview and size. Use recent, credible sources. If a new category product, what current solution(s) does it replace as a proxy for market size.
What have you created? How does it solve the problem? Why/how will people adopt it?

Alternative solutions – both direct, as well as overlapping. How is your solution defensible?

Show adoption – or if you don’t have that yet, strong proxies for it.

How do you make money?

Management / Advisors / Bona Fides.

Revenue / Forecast / Use of Funds.