Welcome to Dolphin

At Dolphin, we’re unwavering in our pursuit of a single goal – helping our clients communicate at a higher level.

That’s a Dolphin commitment to understanding your prospects as well as what you’re communicating, and crafting a message that connects the two. A message that’s compelling for your audience, not our egos.

Our clients will tell you that’s our strong suit.

It’s a concept that takes a wealth of knowledge and experience to achieve.

Since 1972, Dolphin has delivered visual communications to clients that drive their message home in dramatic and powerful ways. In that time, we’ve utilized many different modes of delivery for our clients — from film, video, and 30 projector Multi Image slide programs to interactive CD-ROMs, PowerPoint presentations, and the Web.

Whether you want your message to spur action, or call forth a fresh perspective, Dolphin MultiMedia will take your communication to a higher level

What Clients Say

Once again, you came through. After working together for close to ten years, across 3 or 4 companies, and countless CEOs, I know I can always count on you.

Excellent, thanks for fast response. You guys are like 911!

Thank you, Heather and your team for another heroic effort. We received numerous comments from investors about the quality of the day overall. ‘best one yet’ was the common theme.
Love working with you guys.
Outstanding work. Thank you very much !!
Thank you again for all your help, and your brilliant work!
It was great working with you on this project. The content turned out terrific.
Big thanks for your support. Keynote went very well and got a lot of positive comments for the clear and refreshing style.
Nine of the top ten investment banks have asked Dolphin MultiMedia to create investor / analyst presentations for their IPO roadshows. Scores of other companies have had Dolphin create private placement investor presentations.Learn More
Whether seeking to reach a consumer audience in a broad market or a highly defined target segment, Dolphin MultiMedia has brought success to many clients’ sales efforts by helping them refine their core messages and present them in dynamic convincing ways.Learn More
Nothing requires more laser-focused communication than web or tradeshow media. With thousands of competing messages, short attention spans, and constant interruptions, attention only lasts for seconds.Learn More
We develop corporate and product logos, standards and style guides for integration into corporate communications, advertising and marketing materials.Learn More

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